• Strangers - Short Film

    Posted May 1, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Synopsis Night. Paris. Two strangers in a subway. One is Jewish, the other is Muslim. The only thing that connects them is mutual fear.   Technical Specifications Directors - Guy Nattiv; Erez Tadmor     Writers - Guy Nattiv; Erez Tadmor     Cast - Guy...

  • No Man's Land - Short Film

    Posted April 29, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Technical SpecificationsDirector / Writer / Producer - Dominic ChambersDirector of Photography - Jenna WesterinkCast - Mirko GrilliniSound Mixer - Christopher Boyd Sound - Robert HughesCasting Director - Samantha HansonMake Up - Carla MckeeverCamera Assistant - Will Zain Grip - Forde Lambe...

  • Offside - Short Film

    Posted May 4, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Offside Offside is the second short film in the trilogy by Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv regarding the Middle East conflict. This short is a fallow-up to their last short film Strangers, Offside was shot in Israel, during September 2005, at the security zone that separates between Israel and...

  • Still Life - Short Film

    Posted May 1, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Synopsis Nathan, a lad in his teens, is driving alone through a winter landscape. His pill bottle is beside him; he pops a few. He's almost out of gas. He reaches a town, and while staring at someone sitting at a bus stop, he runs over someone. He gets out of the car: it seems to be a lif...

  • M22 - Short Film

    Posted April 29, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Technical Specifications Director – David StevensDirector of Photography - David StevensEditor – Rob WillemsenSound – Thomas GebbenCast - David Stevens Country: NetherlandsColor: ColorRuntime: 1 MinuteAspect Ratio: 16 x 9

  • The Flying Man - Short Film

    Posted July 8, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Synopsis A new superhero is coming, only this time it's on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero?   Directed, produced, financed, edited and story by Marcus Alqueres.

  • This is How you Die - Short Film

    Posted July 9, 2014 by Edgar Moria

      Synopsis Inspired by the anthology "This is How you Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death". Directed by Michael Mohan.

  • this is not my wish

    Posted May 19, 2017 by Jessie Li

    Zhao Wei lost hangs its head.But the opponent is the segment ran, they bit nervous." Lakers seating area, and then said to the section Han Jiang and those subs: "Well done, 4 points ahead, the main opponents to force up, your task has been completed in half.But he has not thought about a person's st...